Why are you called HART?
What does HART do?
What makes HART unique?
Why do you work with National pastors, churches & ministries?
How do you choose your partners in Eastern Europe?
Can I become a missionary with HART?
Do you have any short-term mission opportunities?
Can I choose a specific project or ministry to support?
How can I get my CHURCH or SMALL GROUP involved with HART?
How can I get my FAMILY involved with HART?
Can I get my SCHOOL involved with HART?
How can I volunteer?
How can I donate?
Is there a charge for pre-authorized donations?
Are my gifts tax receiptable?
When and how do I get a tax receipt for my donation?
I can’t afford to give more, are there other ways to help?
Does HART rely on government funding to run its programs?
How much of my donation will actually go to the project I’ve designated?
Do you have a privacy policy?
How does HART raise money?
How can I change my contact information or banking/credit card information?
How can I contact HART if I have more questions?