HART’S Story: Meet the Founder – Q & A with Lloyd Cenaiko

In 1994, I transitioned from commercial real estate development to relief aid work. I couldn’t have been further out of my comfort zone!

Lloyd with orphans evacuated from war zones

For twenty years, HART has been focused on empowering and equipping National churches in Eastern Europe. HART’s model is working through partnerships, incorporating a holistic approach to missions and relief aid and is impacting thousands of people each year.
What’s your background?
What was the genesis of HART and your work in Eastern Europe?
What were your impressions of Ukraine?
What happened next?
What did this process look like?
So, how was HART born?
Your model involves resourcing Nationals and their ministries/projects in Eastern Europe. How did you come up with this strategy?
Your model also involves partnerships with Nationals. Why is this the case?
What does the future hold for HART? Where do you see HART going?
What do you enjoy the most about HART's work?
Tell us about your family?