How can I be in contact with my sponsor child?
What should I do if my child writes me about health issues in the family?
If I’m sponsoring one child from a larger family, is it possible to sponsor my child’s siblings?
Can I request a child from a specific village/region?
May I send gifts to my sponsored child?
How long will it take my gift to get there?
Which would be more beneficial, a milking goat or a milking cow?
Can I visit my sponsor child?
Why is my child’s name spelled differently?
What else can I do to help my sponsored child?
What is the age limit for a child attending summer camp?
Can my sponsor child’s siblings attend as well if they are not being sponsored?
Are children in orphanages available for adoption?
I currently sponsor a child who’s in an orphanage. Can I sponsor the orphanage as well?
I can’t afford to give more, are there other ways to help?
How can I change my contact information or banking/credit card information?
Can I change my payment preference?
How can I contact HART if I have more questions?
Why sponsor an older child?
What are the ages of the children?
How often will I receive updates about my child?
What if I can’t afford the monthly amount but still want to donate?
Are there any programs offered for CSP children?
What is your privacy policy?
Will a child in this program be protected from human trafficking?