We work to prevent the exploitation of children and young people,
protect the most vulnerable and bring healing to those who have been exploited.

The Problem

  • Ukraine and Moldova are two of the top “source” countries of human trafficking in the world (United Nations).
  • An estimated 500,000 have fallen victim to this crime since the fall of communism.
  • Many are victims of prostitution or pornography, others fall prey to labour exploitation in service, construction or agricultural areas.
  • 90% of all child pornography available globally, originates in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The Solution

Partnering with the most successful, Indigenous agencies, ministries and leaders focused on trafficking prevention, awareness programs and victim rehabilitation in their own countries is the solution.

Our strategy is to equip and empower them not only to expand their work but also to galvanize more people in their own country to join the fight against slavery.

One of the most effective ways to FIGHT human trafficking is through education and awareness programs among young people. Here is how you can help:

Invest in awareness programs
Invest in the development of resources for programs
Invest in the media equipment for presentations
Invest in projects that protect children
Invest in education programs for at-risk girls. Education is a powerful weapon.
Sponsor a child
I want to support prevention programs

HART is privileged to be partnered with Beginning of Life, one of the most respected and effective Anti-Human Trafficking agencies in Eastern Europe. They are located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

Rehabilitation & re-integration centre
I want to support victim rehabilitation

Here’s what YOU can do to make a difference

Educate yourself
Mobilize people in your life
Host an awareness night
Begin an awareness group
Volunteer at HART
Buy fair trade products
Stay current regarding trafficking news
Sponsor a child
Invest in freedom
Support survivors
I want to support anti-human trafficking programs