Sponsorship is a practical and powerful way to help one poor child and his/her
family break the bonds of poverty and transform their lives.


YOUR $35 per month sponsorship will provide:

Monthly food
packages and
nutritional information
provided for the caregivers.

Health care, dental
care and medicine.

Our Child Sponsor
Program operates in
partnership with local

Family Support
Family assistance and emergency aid are
available for children’s

A portion of
sponsorship funds goes
toward buying a Birthday
& Christmas present for
your child—from YOU.

Summer Camps
All children will have
access to summer
camps, either day
camps or stationary
week-long camps.

Child protection
Poor children are an
easy target for
exploitation. This
program can protect
and prevent abuse.

Kids are given much needed
school supplies.
An education fund is
available for post
secondary education.

Children in Ukraine and Moldova need your help: UN statistics inform us that up to 78% of people in Ukraine and Moldova are living in poverty.

Ukraine is the largest country within Europe and is home to 45 million people. Ukraine’s economy declined severely in the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Day-to-day life for the average person living in Ukraine is a struggle. A significant number of citizens in rural Ukraine survive by growing their own food. Many in the cities often work more than one job. The average monthly salary is US $140. The current war in Eastern Ukraine has put an even bigger strain on an already poor economy. Corruption, unemployment, despair and hopelessness are constant companions of Ukrainian people.

Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Economic reforms have been slow because of economic and political corruption. Moldova`s population is 3.6 million people. The average month salary is US $175

An amazing adventure for you and your family as you help change the life of one child!

  • A welcome package with pertinent information on your sponsored child and his/her family
  • The opportunity to correspond with your child and send presents if you choose to
  • An annual update on your child’s progress through school and life

Comments from current sponsors:
“From the moment we saw the picture of Uliana we instantly felt like we had a new member in our family. Tears of joy streamed down Val’s face and there was a definite lump in my throat! We are so looking forward to playing a role in her life and prayerfully that of her mom as well. Our heartfelt thanks to HART for bringing us into this relationship with Uliana.” – Glenn and Val A. sponsors since 2014

“I had the unique opportunity to meet [our sponsor child] in his home village while on a mission trip to Ukraine back in 2010. Getting a glimpse of what life was really like for [him] opened up my eyes to how much hope HART brings to children and families of Eastern Europe. With Christ at the centre of HART’s programs, [we] have witnessed how HART is truly the hands and feet of God amongst a struggling nation. Sponsoring has taught me how to be more generous and really has helped me to see the joy in giving.” – Philip & Kim C. sponsors since 2010

Comments from caseworkers:
“CSP plays an important role for the family. The child is very glad when he receives letters and very beautiful gifts from his sponsor. The boy is very glad when he gets clothes. It’s difficult to imagine how they would live without CSP and the sponsor’s help.” – Caseworker of Petro

“The first time I entered one home with two little sisters who were to be involved in this project, I was stepping on cockroaches; the home was dilapidated and filthy; I was terrified of this place and the family. Now—everything is different and changed! The appearance of the house and the lives of those who live there. – Oksana

Top 10 Sponsor Questions

Why sponsor a child?
How does sponsorship work?
Does sponsorship actually work?
How long is the commitment?
How does HART help children with education?
May I write my child?
What should I write to my child?
Do children have to be a part of the church to be included in the CSP?
Will I always have the same child?
What percent of my money goes to overhead/administration costs?

Other Sponsor Questions