How we work

Working through partnerships, HART empowers and provides resources to local organizations and churches dedicated to alleviating poverty and injustice in their own communities.

Through our network of 200+ National (Indigenous) partnerships, we are impacting thousands of people each year, including impoverished families, refugees, orphans, street kids, handicapped children, young girls who have been trafficked, those in prisons, the elderly… and more.

Our model


Why is this model successful?


Working directly through partnerships with Nationals is the most cost-effective way to do relief aid and missions projects in the world today!


Partnerships with Nationals eliminates high overhead costs.

No expensive North American buildings/compounds.

No North American salaried people or missionaries on the ground.

No expensive residences for North American personnel.

Nationals know how to get things done in their own country at a fraction of what North Americans have to pay.


The KEY element to the success of our model and strategy is this: Nationals taking ownership.

Unless strategies & projects are championed by locals, they’re almost 100% guaranteed to fail…

and North American funds will have been wasted.