Our Financial Commitment

HART is passionate about serving the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished people in Eastern Europe. We are dedicated to maintaining financial integrity as we pursue these objectives. Financial responsibility is a key facet of HART. When you donate to HART, you can trust that:

  • All funds you contribute to one of HART’s specific projects or programs go solely toward that project or program.

  • Ninety percent of your financial gifts are directed to HART ministry partners. We achieve this through conservative operating and administrative costs. More on this below.

  • HART works only with trusted partner churches, leaders, and agencies we have vetted. This ensures your funds do the work that they were intended to.

HART is able to deliver 90% of funds raised directly to its ministry partners because of several factors:

  • HART’s operational costs are covered by generous private donors who believe in its cause. These donors understand that operating a ministry requires overhead costs. Their support covers everything from salaries to office rent, as well as basic office systems and supplies. These donors are a huge blessing to our operation, as their investment stabilizes our operations to pursue long-term mission goals.

  • HART stages fundraising events on a regular basis. Upwards of 50% of funds raised at these events are ‘undesignated.’ This allows us to put funds toward projects that receive less funding from our regular donor base, and cover additional operational expenses.

  • HART’s promotional and educational materials (such as newsletters, emails, this website, etc.) offer donors the opportunity to contribute towards designated or undesignated projects in HART’s ministry. Many choose the latter, which affords us the ability to fund projects that get little to no direct support, without borrowing funds from the projects to which they were originally designated.

Our goal is full financial transparency and accountability to both its donors, partners, and the public alike. We welcome supporters and prospective donors to send any finance-related questions you have by emailAll inquiries will be answered in a timely manner.

Financial accountability

HART Canada is audited annually by an independent public accounting firm. Occasionally, we receive more contributions for a given project than can wisely be applied to that project. When this happens, we use these funds to meet a similar pressing need as directed by our Board. Records of our financial statements from the last number of years are included below.

Financial Reports

2018 Financial Statements – Canada
2018 Form 990 – United States

2017 Financial Statements – Canada
2017 Form 990 – United States

2016 Financial Statements – Canada
2016 Form 990 – United States

2015 Financial Statements – Canada

2014 Financial Statements -Canada
2014 Form 990 – United States

HART is a registered Canadian charity with Canada Revenue Agency. Charitable No. BN 89431.3998.RR0001

HART is an associate member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC). For more information about the CCCC, visit their website at cccc.org