Name: Zoriana
ID #: UKR-SZ-01350
Age: 12

Birth date: 26 September, 2006
Country: Ukraine
Community: Polissia 

My name is Zoriana. I live in Rokytno town. My mother works in the bakery. I live with my mother. I have a sister named Viktoriya and she is a 5th-grade student. I also have a brother whose name is Vadym. He studies in Lviv city. I have a lot of friends. My best friend’s name is Solomiya. We go to the same school. She is my best friend because she spends a lot of time with me. We also attend after-school clubs during which we sew, knit, and embroider. My friends and I go sledging at Christmas. My sister, friends, and I also play games on the playground. I am a 7th-grade student and get to school on foot because I live nearby. My classes are from 9 am to 4 pm. There are some classmates that I don’t like. I study such subjects as algebra, Ukrainian, world literature, PE, music, etc. My favorite food is mashed potatoes with cutlets. I usually eat soup, pasta, and pelmeni (meat dumplings) at home. I eat roasted fish and chicken on holidays. In my free time, I attend after-school clubs and dance classes. I want to be a pharmacist when I grow up. Dear sponsor! Thank you very much for your willingness to help my family.

Caseworker’s comments

Zoriana is an independent, cheerful, obedient, and confident girl. She helps her mother. Her mother often drinks alcohol, so the kids are sometimes neglected. Zoriana looks after her sister Viktoriya because she is an older sister. Zoriana can cook by herself. Zoriana has an older brother. He is 25 years old and lives with his grandma separately. Her father drinks alcohol a lot and lives separately. He doesn’t have a job and he doesn’t support his family. The family lives on the mother’s salary. Zoriana’s mother works in the bakery. She often needs to economize to buy food and clothes for the kids. Zoriana’s mother spends some money on alcohol. The family lives in a two-bedroom apartment. Zoriana’s family shares one room and Zoriana’s uncle lives in another room..