Name: Alina
ID #: UKR-TB-01570
Age: 7

Birth date: May 18, 2012
Country: Ukraine
Community: (TB) Berezhany

Alina’s mother is writing to you. She has two names (the 2d one is Iryna) but we just call her Alina. My husband and I raise 4 daughters. Alina is the youngest child. She attends day-care and sings well. Alina is calm and keen on music. Alina has 3 sisters: Veronika, 15, Vasylyna, 12, and Oksana, 7. Our family lives with my parents in an old house. The grandparents often have health problems. I don’t have a job now because there is no work. My husband tries to do odd jobs to provide for the family. Alina has health problems as well: she has asthma. The doctors has given us hope that she won’t have asthma when she grows up. We try to go to church every Sunday and teach the children to be loving, kind, and sympathetic. I wish you and your family good health and all the best! May God bless you and watch over you! 

Caseworker’s comments

Alina is calm, cheerful, kind, and friendly. She likes playing active games with other children. She also enjoys playing with dolls and listening to music. She likes apples and ice-cream. The relationships between the parents are friendly. They try to teach their children to be kind and sincere. The family has certain difficulties because there aren’t any permanent jobs in the village. The father needs to work in the forest to earn some money: he chops and collects firewood. The mother doesn’t have a permanent job. The financial situation in the family is difficult. They lack money to buy clothes, footwear, and good food. They live in a small house in the village. There are two rooms in the house. The living conditions are poor. There is mold on the walls. There is a need to install heating system to overcome this problem but they have no money to do that. They need support very much. The sponsorship will improve their financial situation and help them get to know God closer.