Name:    Anastasiia H.

ID #:       KV01310
Age:       11

Birth date:      January 2, 2012
Country:         Ukraine
Community:   Lutsk Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Anastaiia, I am eleven years old and I live in Lutsk. My father is a driver, and my mother doesn’t have a job as she is taking care of my baby brother. I have one sister and three brothers. My best friend is now living in Russia, but she is from Ukraine and her name is Alisa. We met three years ago. Now we only communicate on the phone. We used to go for walks to the playground and went sledding in winter. On Christmas day, we visited my grandmother and had supper together. During summer months, I like to go for walks with my friends. This summer we went to the camp with my family and church. I liked being there and meeting many new friends. I am a fifth-grade student. I get to school on foot because it is very close to my house. I spend half of a day at school. I like communicating with my classmates, but I don’t like the unfair bad attitude of older children to younger ones. We study different subjects at school, and my favorite one is Science. I love eating fruit. At home, I eat everything my parents cook for me – borsht, potatoes, etc. During the holidays, we cook special food, for example, various of salads. I like spending my free time using my phone or going for walks. I dream of helping animals when I grow up. I feel sad for homeless animals and I would like to build a shelter for them to be treated and fed well. Thank you for your desire to help me and my family. We would like to get to know you better. Please, tell us something about your family and country.


Caseworker`s comments 2023

Anastasiia is an older sister to her younger siblings. She is responsible, caring, friendly, calm, likes to talk about herself & express her feelings. Her dream is that her mother would understand her and not yell at her. There are six people in this family: her parents and four children. The parents are married but the mother has a son from her first marriage who is raised by the grandmother (her mother). He comes to visit his siblings at the weekends. Both parents abuse alcohol, which has a bad influence on the atmosphere at home. The children want care and attention, but their parents often drink alcohol and fight with each other. When drunk, the mother can threaten everybody around, and once she has even tried to commit suicide. The grandmother helps this family a lot: she loves & cares for her grandchildren, and she started to take them to church. As a result, Anastasiia and Vlad have a lot of friends at church. They also communicate with some of the adults from the church and seek advice from them. Despite alcohol addiction, the mother goes to church and wants to make changes in her life now. As for the family`s financial situation, the mother is on maternity leave; her husband works as a bus driver. The family receives children allowance but this is not enough to cover their needs. Everything is complicated by the fact that the parents spend money on alcohol, and they don`t know how to use money wisely. The grandma should get the credit for providing the most necessary things to the kids and helping them as much as she can. Three children are under the doctors` supervision, which requires regular medical examinations. The grandma also helps buy necessary medicines. Anastasiia and her sister Daryna are under the cardiologist`s supervision because they have congenital heart aneurysm. Vlad is under the allergist`s supervision: he has asthma. The family lives in a house shared by a few other families. They have two small rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. One of the rooms is littered with beds. The family also has utility debts which they cannot pay off. Anastasiia and her family really need your support which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will also open their hearts to the Word of God. How great it will be when Anastasiia knows that you are her sponsor.