Name:  Anastasiia D

ID #:     LK01560
Age:     9

Birth date:  April 28, 2013
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast


My name is Anastasiia and I am 9 years old. My father is not working and my mother makes pizzas. My sister plays volleyball. My best friends are Elina and Daryna. They are best friends because it is fun with them. We play house with them. I celebrate Christmas singing carols. During summer break I go for walks with my friends. I am a third-grade student. I get to school on foot. I spend half of the day at school. I like spending time with friends, but I don’t like to wake up early. My favorite subjects are Math and PE. I love eating fruit. At home, I eat milk porridge. On holidays we eat cakes. I like to play with my friends when I have free time.

When I grow up, I dream of becoming a make-up artist!

I am thankful to my future Sponsor for help in my problems, and I will pray for God to give them health and welfare.

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Anastasiia is persistent, confident, friendly, sociable, and sympathetic. She likes to walk with her friends, and even if she has an argument with her friends, she quickly makes up with them. Anastasiia also loves singing and listening to music. Her family shares an apartment with Mother`s sister and her son. They all get along well when Anastasiia`s father does not drink alcohol, but when he does, there are always some misunderstandings and squabbles. Anastasiia has two sisters: fifteen-year-old Anna who studies to be a cook and pastry chef and eleven-year-old Melaniia who goes to school. Father is disabled and cannot work, so he receives a disability allowance. Mother works a lot but she receives a minimal salary. The income of the families is hardly enough to cover all their needs: 3 Adults and 4 children. They all live in a two-room apartment. Anastasiia, her parents, and sisters share one room. The living conditions are poor, and there is a need to make some home improvements. There is no gas water heater in the bathroom and they cannot afford to buy it. The toilet is outside.

Anastasiia and her family will not see her father go to war due to his disability.   With 3 daughters who are all growing up it is hard to share space and share what little food they can purchase. This child has opportunity to break the cycle of poverty when Ukraine is rebuilt after the war.  Anastasiia has hope for the future and needs a sponsor like you!