Name:  Anastasia N

ID #:     LH 01080
Age:     4 years old  

Birth date:  May 15, 2017 
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Lviv 

Hello dear sponsor!

Anastasia is four years old. We live in Lviv. Her father has left our family. I don`t work because I look after my disabled child (oldest child)  who uses a wheelchair and my other two children. My older son helps me look after the younger kids. Whenever necessary, he stays at home to look after his younger siblings. My children get along  well with each other and like playing board games. They like putting puzzles together most of all.  We spend time at home at Christmas. For Christmas holidays, I usually make pampyshky. We walk a lot during the good weather in summer.

Anastasia attends daycare and we walk there.  She goes to daycare at 8:30am and leaves at 6:00pm . She likes playing with the toys and gets along well with other children. Anastasia is a good eater. In her free time, she enjoys playing, drawing and doing gymnastics.

We are deeply grateful to you for helping our family and we are looking forward to hearing more about you.

Anastasia`s mother is writing this letter.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Anastasia is a very active, healthy, smart and sociable girl who likes playing with other kids and jumping rope. She has a strong personality. However, her mood often changes.

Anastasia is fond of drawing and coloring pictures with dolls. She also watches YouTube videos from which she learns how to do gymnastics. Anastasia lives with her mother and two older brothers who have hemophilia. Her older brother Orest uses a wheelchair because the disease caused joint problems. Ihor, the second brother, too has hemophilia, because of which he has gastrointestinal tract problems. Besides that, he lags behind in development. He will turn seven soon but he still uses diapers. Anastasia is the youngest child in the family.

Anastasia’s father left the family when he knew that his wife was pregnant with the third child. He doesn`t provide any kind of support to his children The financial state of the family is poor. The mother cannot work because she has to look after her kids and her husband does not help the family at all. They live on child benefits from the government.

Sometimes good people from the community and church provide them with funds for medical needs. Much of the monthly budget is spent on medical treatment of the kids. The mother tries really hard to take care of her kids. The family lives in a one-bedroom apartment.

Several years ago, some good people helped them make home improvements, so the living conditions are good. The apartment looks neat and tidy. The oldest child has his own room and the mother and her youngest kids live in the room joined with the kitchen. This family will be encouraged with the food packages and caseworker support that Sponsorship will supply. Connecting with the caseworker and local church will show them how much their Heavenly Father loves and takes care for them.

Anastasia will be proud to tell her brothers about her sponsors. Her mother is setting a good example for her to become a strong and caring woman.