Name:  Anastasiia L

ID #:     KV 01250
Age:     8 years old  

Birth date:  May 7, 2013 
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast / Kivertsi

Dear sponsor,

My name is Anastasiia and I am eight years old. I live in the town of Kivertsi. My dad works as a security guard and my mum does not have a job.  I have two older sisters, Nika and Anna. My mother is my best friend because I can trust all of my secrets to her and she always supports me.

I like to play soccer and tennis. At Christmas, I look forward to receiving presents and attend church meetings to glorify God; I also sing carols.

During summer holidays, I go swimming, eat ice-cream, read and play with other kids. I am in the third grade. If the weather is nice, I enjoy walking to school, and if it is raining, I go there by bus. I usually spend 4-5 hours at school. I like everything about school where I read, write, count, sing and do sports. My favorite subject is singing.

I like eating sweets. At home, I usually eat chicken noodle soup and varenyky. On holidays, my mum bakes a cake.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Anastasiia is the youngest child in her family. She is a calm and quiet girl. Anastasiia loves animals and likes talking with other kids. She respects the elderly and gets along with her older sisters really well. Anastasiia also enjoys singing and making crafts.

Anastasiia’s parents were divorced two years ago (2019). Since then the mother and her kids have been living in a rented house. All worries including upbringing, clothes, food, school supplies, medical treatment etc. fell on the mother`s shoulders. She does not have a job because in spring 2021, she fell ill with Covid-19 and had to give up her job. The grandma, who herself has school-age children, tries to help them whenever possible.

The father didn`t want to help his family at all but Anastasiia’s mother sued him for alimony. The sum of money the family gets from him is small because it depends on his salary, which is low. The alimony payments are enough to cover the rent and utilities.

The mother still feels the consequences of the virus: she feels dizzy, her legs go numb; she also suffers from panic attacks, loss of appetite and sleep deprivation. Because of that, she has already been in hospital twice. Much of the family budget has been spent on the mother`s medical treatment. The situation is unlikely to change for the better due to her health problems.

It is extremely difficult for the mother to provide her kids with clothes, food and school supplies without assistance.  At this time the family are receiving state allowance which will expire soon because the mother does not have an official job. The local church helps with clothes and jackets and it is the only clothing they have.

The family lives in a rented old wooden house without running water or indoor bathroom. They have a small garden where they grow potatoes and other vegetables. This is often their only food source so long cold winters are unbearable.

In spite of the bad living conditions and hardships the family is going through, the kids are really friendly and appreciate everything they have. They will appreciate your sponsorship and will make the most out of items in the food package and other support provided.