Name:  Andriy

ID #:     ZH01060
Age:    13 years old 

Birth date:  December 31, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Zhytomyr  Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

I live in a beautiful region. I have attended a specialized school and I do not like reading.  I like to write stories and paint pictures.  During vacations, I like to go to the play ground together with my family. My family is made up of my mother, brother Artem, sister Julia and  a fourth child. Artem is 5 years old and Julia is 9. She like dancing.  I also have a cousin Sonya who has been my best friend for many years. She is quiet and kind. My mother sews clothes for people and for dogs. My father does not live with us. I like different holidays, especially those celebrated in our church.

I love Christmas when we go to church together for a special service. At home mother prepares a special meal.  I love her pizza and baked meat. Most often mother cooks potatoes or porridge for us.

I like painting, walking, playing in the park and when younger like Lego in my free time.

We are a family of believers and we are very friendly.  I have had some difficult moments in my life. Some have to do with when my father was around.

When I grow up I wan to become a firefighter to save people.

Thank you so much, dear sponsor that God sends such people to us who are willing to help.  May God bless you.


Caseworker Comments:

Andriy is a kind boy. He is interested in many things. HIs family has had many crisis in relationship, housing and basic needs (food and clothing).  His parents are separated and mother has the children though they are officially married.  Father only partially support the family. The family have had a hard time with housing, they have rented an apartment because they no longer have their own home to live in.  It is difficult to raise three children alone.  Andriy and his family need your support.

By sponsoring this child you will become a friend and a mentor. As the oldest child Andriy is too young to be the father figure but he must set an example for his younger children. It is hard to be only 13 and have a mother who needs you to grow from a child to a man so quickly.  Thru Hart Child Sponsorship Program Andriy is proud to have caseworker deliver food packages and encourage each member of the family.  In this way he is a provider for the family and is learning all the qualities of a caring relationship thru the community support and events.