Name:  Andriy T
ID #: UKR-LS – 01223
Age: 10

Birth date: December 7, 2010
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Boryslav/Drohobych (LS)

***SPECIAL NEEDS – Lukemia **  Sponsorship $35 + Medical Support $35 = Total $70 per month

Hello, dear sponsor!

My name is Andriy and I am nine years old. I live in the small town of Drohobych. My town is beautiful, and I like it here. I am in the third grade and my school is near my house. I haven`t been going to school for a year because of my disease. I was diagnosed with leukemia and my medical treatment took two years. Now I am starting to walk little by little. I do not have a father to take care of me because he left me and divorced my mother. I live with my mother and grandma.

My grandma is a pensioner. I used to be friends with classmates and play with them outdoors. Now I don`t have any friends, so I spend time with my grandma and mother and play games with them. My mother and I put LEGO together. I usually spend Christmas at home.

I used to go to church with my grandma and take part in festive performances. I cannot do this any longer as I get tired quickly.   My favorite school subjects are math and Information Technology. My favorite food is Olivier salad and potatoes with meat. My mum tries to cook this food for me on holidays.

Dear sponsor, I will be grateful for your support. My mother and grandmother do so much for me.  If I am in the Hart Child Sponsorship Program I will help to put food on the table so my family has funds for my medicine.

Case-worker`s comments 2020

Andriy is an obedient, purposeful, persistent, curious, sociable, active, and sometimes hyperactive boy. Because leukemia limits his physical activity, he can sometimes be irritable and sensitive. Andriy cares about his family. He lives with his mother and grandma who take care of him. They help, support, and get along well with each other. Andriy is the only grandchild for his grandma whose younger daughter (Andriy’s Auntie) passed away several years ago due to heart issues. It was extremely difficult for the grandma to get over the loss of her daughter. She relies mostly on her older daughter whose family life has not been easy. Andriy’s mother is divorced and he fell ill so she is alone to make all the decisions.

The mother and grandma were shocked when Andriy, who always was an active boy, was diagnosed with leukemia. The grandma gave up her job to be with Andriy in hospital for two years. Andriy had to be in bed for two years because he was not allowed to stand up. He was very determined and learned to walk again. Now he is going through rehabilitation. His medical treatments have been a burden as his mother cannot manage the household expense’s travel and medical treatment. The local church and good people in the community try to help this struggling family when they can.

The grandma gets a low pension. The mother works as a janitor and gets a small salary. The family has a hard time making ends meet. One of the additional expenses is for transport because Andriy travels to the hospital for medical rehabilitation.

Andriy`s family lives in a small two-bedroom apartment. The rooms are quite small and there is little space in the apartment for them to manage Andriy’s special needs. The living conditions are safe. The mother and grandma keep the apartment neat and tidy.

Raising a child in poverty is difficult but raising a child with an illness like Leukemia demands great emotional and spiritual strength. Help this mother and grandmother feel Gods love that can heal the illness, sorrow, and broken hearts that they have.

Andriy has been a fighter during the years of his illness now you can help him fight for a brighter future by sponsoring him.

Thank you for considering this sponsor child and medical support pledge!