Name:  Anna M

ID #:     BC01270
Age:     8    

Birth date:    December 8, 2014
Country:       Ukraine
Community:  Buchach Oblast

Dear sponsor, Good day,

My name is Anna and I am eight years old. I live in the town of Buchach. My father is a land surveyor in a private company and my mother does housework. Mariana is my best friend as she understands and loves me. We like dancing, jumping on a trampoline, and swimming in a pool together. On Christmas, I usually go to church and visit my grandparents. On holidays, I go to the village with my father; I like our household. I am a first-grader and get to school by bus with my mother. I spend about 3-4 hours at school. I like PE lessons, exercises and art lessons. I don’t like to stay in a bomb shelter. I am learning letters, numbers, and how to write and draw. I always listen to the teacher. I like all kinds of fruit, cucumbers, baked potatoes and meat. My mother also bakes cakes. I also like watching cartoons and playing on the playground. Thank you for choosing me and helping me and my family.

(This letter has been written by Anna’s mother)


Caseworker`s comments 2023

Anna has autism and she has never attended correctional classes because her family cannot afford them. In order to get ready for school, children like Anna must attend correctional classes daily – it costs about 1300-1500 UAH (33-38$) per week. That`s why when Anna started school, she wasn`t ready for it and she didn`t have necessary learning skills. Now they are considering transferring her from an inclusive education program to home schooling. It is quite sad that Anna cannot write or count and she doesn`t know the letters. Although she understands a lot of words, she can just say four or five words. After three months at school, she quickly learned the common rules and now she can sit at the desk and do the tasks given by a teacher`s assistant. Neither the teacher nor the assistant provides special training for Anna. She likes to color pictures in coloring books and puts puzzles together. Her teachers do not know how to work with autistic children unfortunately. It is a good family, however, Anna and her two sisters have mental issues: Tania has mutism and Alina has mental disabilities. Although she is a sixth-grader, she can master the program at the level of a second or third grader. Therefore, Alina studies under the teacher`s assistant`s supervision. The mother does not have a job, but she receives disability allowance for Anna. They live in their own house and their living conditions are safe. Anna and her family really need your support which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will also open their hearts to the word of God. Besides that, your support will help these girls, especially Anna, socialize and improve their development. How great it will be when Anna knows that you are her sponsor.