Name:  Arsen

ID #:    TB01680
Age:     8 years old 

Birth date:  December 2, 2013
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

Dear sponsor,

My name is Arsen Makivka and I have a very friendly family. My mother`s name is Anna and my brother`s name is Andrii.

I am in the second grade and have a lot of friends at school. However, I like school holidays more because I don`t have to do homework, and I can spend the whole day running and playing. I am keen on sports, especially soccer.

This summer I went to camp “Family Camp,” which I really liked. After the camp, I was full of impressions and had a lot of pictures that I colored. I am looking forward to school to tell my teacher and school friends about the wonderful summer I spent.

Thank you very much for your willingness to help my family.

Case-worker`s comments 2022

Arsen is a very active boy who likes to run and jump and has a dream to do parkour (obstacle course training)  professionally. He spends plenty of time with his friends playing soccer, board games, and putting puzzles together.

It has been three years since Arsen`s parents got divorced (2018). Arsen`s father abused alcohol constantly and quarreled with his wife. The kids were scared and suffered from this situation. Arsen`s mother was begging her husband to give up drinking but he didn`t, which resulted in divorce. Arsen`s father no longer drinks alcohol and he often communicates with his sons and would even like to come back to his family but his wife is not ready yet.

Arsen`s mother works as a shop assistant in the shop where they sell doors and windows. Arsen`s older brother Andrii is a seventh-grade student. Arsen is in the second grade. Arsen and Andrii get along well and they both are ready to stand up for each other whenever necessary. They really want their family to be happy and their parents to be together. They also want their father never to drink alcohol again.

Mother receives a minimal salary. Father supports his family a little every month. Mother tries to think over family expenses thoroughly and be thrifty. Because of the poor financial situation, they mostly buy the cheapest and often low-quality groceries. Arsen and Andrii can rarely eat meat, fish and fruit. They also save on clothes and footwear and buy them in the cheapest second-hand shops.

The family lives in an old house which is shared by four families and needs renovation. Their family shares a small room; the living conditions are poor. They are dreaming of being able to make some home improvements. This year the whole family visited Christian camp organized by our church, where they heard the Word of God which prompted them to revisit their lives and start thinking about God.

This family is in great need of both financial and spiritual support. Arsen should be spending his childhood playing and not have to think about when and if a next meal will be on the table. As as sponsor you help put food on the table, school supplies in his back pack and include him and his family to be part of Hart Summer Camp.