Name:  Artem

ID #:     HS 01060
Age:     7 years 

Birth date:  November 22, 2014
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Kherson Oblast  

Dear sponsor,

My name is Artem and I am six years old. I live with my mother and brother in the village of Novotroiitske.

My father died of an incurable disease, so my mother raises us alone. I help my mum look after my younger brother and help in the garden.

My favorite holidays are my birthday and Christmas because I get a lot of attention on these days.

This year, I will start the first grade, so my mum is helping me get ready for school.

My favorite food is porridge and croutons, and I also like ice-cream.

My dream is to have my own store and help my mother.

When my dad passed away, I thought nobody wanted us but because of you, I understood that there are people who care about my life. Thank you very much for caring about my family and paying attention to us.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Artem is a gentle and shy boy. The mother has a warm relationship with her kids. She tries to pay attention to her kids and spend time with them as much as possible. She always makes sure her kids look neat and tidy and have enough food.

In January 2021, his family suffered the loss of their father. Artem really misses him.

The mother receives a child benefit and allowance for the loss of the breadwinner but this money is hardly enough for a living, so she has to do odd jobs. She also grows potatoes in the garden.

The family lives in their own house but it is quite old and needs repairs. Unfortunately, they have no bathroom or restroom inside.

May your heart never get tired of bringing the joy of salvation through food packages and prayers!