ID #:
May 13, 2016

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Artem and I am seven years old.  My dad does odd jobs and my mum is on maternity leave. I have three brothers and seven sisters. The older siblings help mum with everything and the younger ones play games. I like to cycle with my friends. I really love Christmas. I go to school with my brother Stepan who is in the tenth grade and I am a second-grader. At school, I eat tasty food, but my favorite subject is Physical Education because I can play soccer during this lesson.

I am grateful to people like you who help and support others.


Caseworker’s comments:

Artem possesses a calm and reserved demeanor, which led to his transfer to a specialized school due to the challenges he faced in mastering the regular curriculum. Interestingly, all four children from this family attend special schools, and they reside in a rural area. Unfortunately, the father lacks a stable job, resorting to odd jobs for sustenance. He holds no authority over his children and has turned to alcohol consumption. Despite our frequent conversations and prayers for his recovery from addiction, he still lacks the necessary willpower.

Artem and his siblings are well-behaved children who assist their mother in various tasks. The family faces financial hardships, prompting the older children to seek employment after school by aiding people with gardening or engaging in construction work. Currently, the mother is on maternity leave. Their dwelling consists of a small two-room house, accommodating thirteen individuals, including the mother’s brother. While their living conditions are safe, they rely on firewood for heating, lack an indoor restroom or bathroom, and must collect water from their neighbors across the street. Artem and his family need your support, which will enable them to witness the love and care of God firsthand. Not only will they receive financial aid, but they will also have the opportunity to embrace the transformative power of the Gospel, significantly improving their lives. Your support will open their hearts to the teachings of God, and Artem will be overjoyed to have you as his sponsor.