Name:  Bohdana

ID #: UKR-TR – 01120
Age:  12 years old 

Birth date:  January 4, 2009

Country: Ukraine
Community:  Borschiv, Ternopil (TR)

Dear sponsor!

My name is Bohdana and I am twelve years old. I live in the village of Burdyakivtsi. My father doesn`t live with the family. He has been in the war zone in the east of Ukraine. My mother works in a factory which is 35 km from our home.

I would like to tell you about my older sister Masha. She works in the café and spends very little time at home, so I miss her very much. She is eight years older than I am. She always looked after me when I was little. My best friend is Anhelina. She is my classmate. I spend much time with her and I can tell her all my secrets because I know that she will keep them.

I love Christmas very much because my family gets together and has dinner and then visits our grandma. On the summer holidays, I spend plenty of time outside playing with my friends. I am in the fifth grade and get to school on foot. The school is one km away from my home. My favorite subjects are PE and art. In my free time, I play with my younger brother Maryan.

I have a dream to become a lawyer when I grow up.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for your willingness to help my family and me. It is kind for you to do this with out seeing and knowing us. Thank you very much for your kind heart!

Case-worker`s comments 2020

Bohdana is a calm, sincere, sociable and cheerful girl. She is always friendly and kind and she always smiles. Bohdana lives with her mother and siblings. Her father was in the war in the east of Ukraine where he found a new family. Now he lives in Luhansk region, so the mother raises her kids alone. The atmosphere is friendly in the family. The kids have grown up quickly and without many things, because they live without their father`s support. They love their mother very much and help her with everything. The mother tries to do her best to provide for her kids. She works shifts in the factory which is 35 km from home. When she works the night shift, her kids stay at their grandma`s. The father doesn`t support his family financially at all. The living conditions of the family are poor. The family bought an old house six years ago. There is no water supply. They have to go to their neighbor`s house (500 m away) to get water from a well. The well at the family’s house does not provide clean water. With no indoor plumbing, they use a big bowl to get washed and bathed. There is no gas supply in the house, so they have to buy firewood which the mother has to chop up so they can use it sparingly. The toilet is outside and it complicates their life in winter. Although the family is poor financially, they are very kind and sincere.

The caseworker and local church want to show and tell them that they have a Heavenly Father who is always close and loves them very much. Because of you, dear sponsor, we can do it together.

I am grateful to HART that we can do a lot of things together. May God keep you and give you good health!