Name:  Bohdana S 

ID #:     RV01053
Age:     17

Birth date:  October 3, 2004  
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rvine Oblast

Seeking sponsorship for this child for 12 months following the end of the war.

Dear Sponsor,

I am a good student; my favorite subjects at school are PE, Drawing, Manual Trades, History and IT. In my free time, I help in household chores, take care of my brother, makes things from beads; I am good at drawing and my pictures  have been in the school exhibition.

I study to become a florist and love to design special flower arrangements and bouquets.  I hope to also follow my dream of working as an actress.

Case-worker’s comments :

Bohdana grew up during the many changes and challenges of the past year. She and her family are going thorough extremely hard times right now. The grandmother who cared for them was ill for a very long time and passed away early in 2022. She had a close relationship with Bohdana. She and her younger brother are both under 18, and they have the status of orphans. Their older brother, who is 25 is now their caregiver.

Bohdana is creative, friendly, strong-willed, determined and persistent in reaching her goals. Bohdana often catches colds.  She helped when her grandmother needed continuous treatment due to many chronic ailments and assisted in her use of a wheelchair for a long time. The family circumstances are very complicated and get more complicated each year.

Bohdana attends children and youth church meetings, she takes part in the church services; others rarely attends church. There is a need to pray for the health of all the family members, for peace in Ukraine, for mother’s conversion.

Child Sponsorship brings God’s love to the family so they know that they are not forgotten in this world. It compels them to think about God’s grace and His goodwill towards them. The family is very grateful for the sponsor.