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ID #:
September 9, 2010

My name is Bohdana, and I am 13 years old. I live in a beautiful village. I have a large family. My mother’s name is Liudmyla and she is a baker. My father’s name is Ruslan, and he works in security in a big city. My older brother Yura is 22 years old; my sister Olha is 18, my middle brother Mykola is 16, my sister Yana is 14 and my youngest brother Daniil is 11 years old. I love going for walks with my siblings. We have a dog, so we often go for walks with her. I have friends with whom I enjoy having a picnic near the lake. I like helping my mother in the garden.


Caseworker’s Comments:

Bohdana, diagnosed with mental challenges, is a compassionate and diligent student enrolled in a special needs school. Unfortunately, her condition frequently leads to health issues. She’s helpful in the garden and with household chores, although she struggles with focus and development for her age, requiring constant adult support. Unfortunately, her mother has alcohol issues and neglects her children, who take care of the house. Their father is rarely home due to work. The family has a good relationship, and the oldest son supports them while serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They face financial difficulties, with the mother working part-time as a janitor and seeking state assistance. They live in a crowded, awful, poorly-condition house with limited facilities such as not having a toilet or shower. The house is so dilapidated that this family of eight all live in one small room.  Bohdana and her family are in urgent need of your support.