Name:  Daniil

ID #: RV 01832
Age:   13 years old 

Birth date:  April 8, 2008 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne  Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

I live with my mother and have some sisters at home. My sisters are: Valeriya 21, Ann 19, Anastasiya 15, Veronika 11. My older sisters have finished their studies and are seeking good jobs.   I am a 7th grade student. PE, Music and Manual Trades are my favorites subjects. I like spending my free time with friends. I help my mother do chores. I like animals and have a dog and a cat in our home. I feed them and clean up after them. I take music lessons and play saxophone and clarinet. Children are sincere and ready to help.

My father left us 11 years ago so my mother has been raising us by herself.  Father does not help and does not keep in touch with us. He used to beat us and drink alcohol. We were often hungry as no money was used to buy food.  I don’t miss him.

My mother works as a nurse in a hospital. I am sad when she is away or when she cries and is angry at me because of my behavior.

My favorite food is fried potatoes. My favorite color is blue like the one in the Ukraine flag.

Dear Sponsor, thank you for supporting us. It is very hard for my mother to cope with everything: growing family, always paying bills.  Help us, please. Goodbye.

Caseworker Comments:

Daniil is a sincere and responsible child. He takes care of his sisters in any way he can.  He makes tea and sandwiches for them.  He like going to the sore and caring for the pets.  He likes reading, drawing, and listening to music.

All the children in this family are friendly and like spending time together. They are raised by a singer mother. The children and mother suffer both physically and mentality from the father’s treatment and language towards them. Mother is hard working, caring and keeps the room clean. For may years they have all lived in one room of a hospital dormitory. They have shared kitchen and bathroom with others. The salary and social benefits for a single parent is not enough to buy food for the family. Material and spiritual support for this family has been a blessing. The Sunday School and community events are attending. The children have attended Hart Christian Summer Camps.  This has been a vacation for them as they do not have a chance to travel or have any summer rest.

Sponsorship allows this mother to better provide for her children. She enjoys spending time with each of them. She has a kind heart and cares about all her children.  They have love and comfort in the family.