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December 30, 2015

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Olha and I am writing this letter on behalf of my son. There is a war in our country now, so our country is having problems in many spheres. It is tough to find a job and there is no financial support for the unemployed and kindergartens and schools are closed. Prices for groceries and other products have gone up. Ukrainian children have to get used to hearing constant air-raid sirens and they feel fear because of that. Although they are small, they already know what the war is. I have a son Danyil, who was born on December 30, 2015, who is 8 years old and I am raising him myself, as I got divorced in 2018. My husband has a new family and it was such a challenge for me. It was tough for me to set a good example for my child. My son will always miss his father. He often asks me a question, “Where is my father?” You can only make up for this loss with love and care. Danyil doesn’t attend kindergarten, but he goes to Sunday school in the protestant church. He especially loves listening to stories from the Bible (his favorite one is about David and Goliath). He can already write and count to 20. He likes putting puzzles together and taking part in different performances. Danyil is quite shy, but still very communicative.

Dear Sponsor, I do hope that you will help us during such tough times for our family and for our country. My son and I will pray for your kind heart and we hope that you won’t refuse. May the Lord bless you and your country!

With hope and respect,

Caseworker’s comments:

Danyil is a reserved, composed, and amiable boy who enjoys observing cars and other children playing from the kitchen window. When it comes to food, he has a fondness for pelmeni (dumplings). He demonstrates obedience, deep affection for his mother, and willingly assists her with household chores to the best of his abilities. Currently, Danyil is preparing to enter the first grade and has already acquired knowledge of the alphabet, can count up to 20, and can read in syllables. Danyil’s mother raises him single-handedly and, although she is registered with the employment center, she awaits job opportunities as she is currently unemployed. In 2018, Danyil’s parents went through a divorce. His father initiated a new relationship and relocated abroad, but his mother is unaware of the specific country. Unfortunately, his father does not provide any form of support for Danyil. Despite the challenges, Danyil’s mother actively participates in a Protestant church, regularly attending Sunday services. Danyil himself attends Sunday school, where they engage in reading children’s Bible stories and engage in prayer. He delights in discussing these stories with his friends, who also attend Sunday school.

The family’s financial situation is incredibly complex. Danyil’s mother receives minimal assistance from the employment center, which covers only basic food necessities, excluding essential items like meat and dairy products. They currently reside in a one-room flat within an apartment building, a generous gift from a relative upon Danyil’s birth. The flat is equipped with all necessary amenities, and prior to the divorce, the parents even made cosmetic improvements. Your support would greatly be appreciated by Danyil and his mother.