ID #:     KA01050
Age:     9

Birth date:  March 22, 2013
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast

Good day! My name is Danyil, and I am nine years old. I live in Volyn Oblast. I live with my mother, and I do not have any siblings. My mother is disabled: she has sore feet. She has worked at a garment factory before. I have two best friends whose names are Nazar and Bohuslav. They are my classmates, and I like to play with them during breaks – we run and play different games. During the Christmas holidays, we decorate a Christmas tree, and Mother cooks something delicious if possible. We also go for free entertainment in the city. During a summer break, I often go for walks near the fountains. I also do some Math and English and help my mother at home. I am a third-grade student. The school is quite close to my house, so I get there on foot. We have five lessons every day. I like meeting my friends at school and my favorite subjects are Math and PE. I like eating pizza. At home, I usually eat pasta, potatoes, buckwheat, and always some meat. I do not like vegetables. In the winter holidays, I have a lot of sweets. When I have free time, I can play with Lego or play on my phone.

I still do not know who I want to become in the future. I really like computers, but, unfortunately, I do not have one.

Dear Sponsor! I am truly grateful for your help of our family, which is very important in such a difficult time. I would be thankful if you can also write a letter to me.



Caseworker`s comments 2022

Danyil is a nice guy, although he can be stubborn sometimes and it takes his mum a while to convince him of something. Danyil likes helping others whenever he can. He helps his mother a lot because she finds it very difficult to walk and has to lie in bed a lot. Danyil also likes to put Lego together. His mother raises him alone. Grandma also lives with them but she doesn`t get along with Danyil`s mother, so they don`t talk with each other. Mother is HIV-positive. She used to work as a seamstress but recently her leg problems worsened, so she was issued a disability certificate. She can hardly walk and she can`t get dressed on her own, so she needs Danyil to help her. Whenever Mother`s health gets worse, Danyil has to miss lessons at school to look after her. When Mother had a job, she was able to provide for the family somehow but now the financial situation is very difficult because she needs constant medical treatment. Mother receives a disability allowance, which is their sole income. Danyil and his mother share one room in a grandma`s two-room apartment. The living conditions are safe. The apartment is neat and tidy.

Danyil  is a boy who is providing care to his mother. You can care for him and his mother by proviiding monthly food packages and help of caseworker. With his mothers medical needs he  really needs a sponsor and hope for his future.  Sponsorship will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. How great it will be when Danyil knows that you are his sponsor.