Name: Dariya 
ID #: UKR-ZH-01040
Age: 16

Birth date: April, 21, 2003
Country: Ukraine
Community: (ZH) Zhytomyr

My name is Dariya. I am 16 years old. I live with my father and grandmother in an apartment. I am the only child in my family. We live in the city of Zhtomyr. My father’s name is Dmytro. He works as a serviceman. My mother’s name is Iryna. She works in Zhytomyr Library named after Oleh Olzhych. We often go for a walk and communicate, in spite of the fact that we don’t live together. My father and I walk the dog, go to church, and take part in evangelical outreach. I am a student of the 10th grade. I get to school by trolleybus. I spend 5-6 hours at school every day. My favourite subject is Geometry. I like doing most things, but most of all I like doing yoga and reading books. My family and I like to walk together in the city center. My favourite seasons are spring and summer because I can spend time outside with my friends. When I grow up, I want to be a web programmer.

Caseworker’s comments

Dariya is a kind, sensitive and sincere girl. Daria lives separately from her mother though she keeps in touch with her. Dariya lives with her father and grandma. She hasn’t attended church for a long time. Dariya doesn’t have any siblings. She is a student of the 10th grade. Dariya suffers from scoliosis and flat feet. Dariya started yoga class in 2017 because of scoliosis. She feels better when does yoga. Her father is a church member and he is a military veteran. He was injured in the war zone on the east of Ukraine. Now he goes through medical rehabilitation in hospitals and recreation centres. He is unemployed and needs surgical intervention. Dariya sings in a children’s choir. She is not willing to attend church meetings. We have already had several conversations with her. Dariya’s father worries about her and prays that she will come back to church. The living conditions of the family are modest, but their house is always clean. The relationships in the family are friendly. If you choose to support Darya you will strengthen her faith in God and in good people and will also improve the quality of her life.