Name:  Dash

ID #: MOL CV 01100
Age:  8 years old 

Birth date: January 28, 2013 
Country: Moldova
Community:  Chisinau 

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor until I complete the Hart Child Sponsorship Program at Age 18.

Dear sponsor,

I am 8 years old.  I spend most of my time with my father.  He is kind and buys everything for me (food / clothing / basics). I help my  mother with housework and I help my grandmother with watering the flowers. I have an older brother.

When we have time as a family I like to go on a walk to the forest and draw pictures.  When my family is happy I am happy, when they are sad I am sad.  I feel cozy at home with my family.

When a classmate shouts at me or when my friends do bad things I get upset. People should be kind to each other. I feel sad when there is no one to play with.

My favorite Bible story is about the birth of Jesus Christ.  I like that Jesus will take care of us.  I ask Jesus to help me have dreams for a good future and for my family and friends to be healthy.

In summer I like dancing and I like singing lessons.  In winter I like sledding and making snowmen. In all season I like to draw pictures.

I would like to go to Hart Summer Camp at the local church. Last year I could go but it was cancelled. I look forward to this summer and that I will go to camp.

When I was 6 I will sick and was in the hospital for a long time.  I would like to be a doctor when I grow up and would like to help sick child be healthy.

Case-worker comments:

Dasha is cheerful and open to communication. She is always happy to see Ivan, Caseworker for Chisinau. She is always thankful for what I bring both physically and socially.  Dasha likes painting, and likes to dream of what her future might be.

Dasha tries to help around the home – helps mom with the chores, water grandmother’s flowers.

Dasha and her family are thankful to the Hart Child Sponsorship Program for the material help, care, and support. They are happy to accept it and they appreciate and respect it. The family have had a hard life and the living conditions are still very poor.

The family are open to help, but are far from God. The family attends the local church rarely, during the great celebrations only. Let’s pray that God does His work in the hearts of the parents or that children and helps them all to get to know Him.