Name:  David
ID #: UKR-HS-01050
Age: 8

Birth date: August 14, 2012 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Herson (HS)

Church of Hope and Pastor Eugeniy Taran  and his wife Luda are happy that the Hart Child Sponsorship is being offered to the children and families in and around Herson.

Hello, dear sponsor!
I would like to tell you about myself. My name is David and I am already 8 years old. I live with my parents and sisters in the village of Novotroyitske. My father does not work because there is unemployment in my village. My mother does not work, either. She spends time at home baking cakes. I have two sisters: Anastasia and Bohdana. Anastasia is older than I am and she helps me with my homework. I help my younger sister Bohdana learn to play the piano. I have a lot of friends. Artem and Oleksiy are my best friends. We go to music school, play soccer and ride bicycles together. My birthday is my favorite holiday because my friends visit me and my mother bakes a cake. I like going to church, especially on holidays. At Christmas, my whole family gets together and cooks different dishes. Roasted duck is my favorite dish. I usually eat porridge and borscht. I am in the second grade and I get to school on foot. I usually go to school with my sister and she buys me a bun. My favorite subjects are math, manual trades and PE. I visit my grandma during a school break. I have some friends who live near my grandma.

I want to help people the way you do when I grow up.

Thank very much for paying attention to me and caring about me! I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Thank you!


Case-worker’s comments 2020
David is a sociable, responsible, generous, kind and cheerful boy. He has a lot of friends with whom he always shares the things he has. The relationships within the family are good. The parents understand and respect each other. They also try to teach their kids to support and help each other. David’s older sister is hard-working and helps to take care of the household. The family raises some animals. They all are hospitable and sociable. The financial situation of the family is not stable. David’s father does not have a permanent job, so he and his wife bake cakes and sell them. They do not have their own house yet, so they rent one. The family uses firewood to heat the house. The house needs to be repaired and updated. The living conditions are safe.

This family has a health relationship with each other and sponsorship will provide a door for them to have a stronger relationship with the Lord.

David knows how important it feels to have others pay attention and care for him.

How great it will be when he knows you are his sponsor!