Name: David
ID #: UKR-SZ-01360
Age: 8

Birth date: 7 September, 2010
Country: Ukraine
Community: Polissia

My name is David Borysovets and I am 8 years old. I live in Rokytno village. My father works in the factory and my mother looks after the children at home. I have 8 siblings. Five brothers and three sisters. We all get along with each other and help our parents. My friend’s name is Ivan. We like playing soccer and tags together. I enjoy singing. I am a 3d-grade student and get to school on foot every day. I like attending PE classes. I also study maths at school and it is my favorite subject. I like eating borscht (traditional Ukrainian beetroot soup). I usually eat borscht, soup, and everything my mother cooks at home. My favorite food is salads, cutlets, and I like cake. I like playing games in my free time. I don’t know yet what I want to do when I grow up.

Caseworker’s comments

David is a modest and purposeful boy. He likes animals. His family is large and diligent. The family members sometimes attend Pentecostal church on Sundays. The older kids look after the younger siblings and help parents take care of household. The older kids go to the forest in summer to pick up berries (cranberries, blackberries, etc.) and sell them to help their parents financially. David’s father works in the glass factory and gets a low salary. David’s mother doesn’t work because she looks after the children. The family also gets child assistance but it is very low. The family lives in a 2-bedroom house. One room is used as a kitchen. There is neither gas nor water supply in the house. The living conditions are poor. Your sponsorship will provide additional food so this family can have a balanced diet. Contact with the caseworker will encourage them to attend church and read the bible.