Name:  Davyd H 

ID #:     SZ 01010
Age:     14 

Birth date:  November 7, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Zhytomyr Oblast

Dear Sponsor,  I am one of three brothers in my family. My father is a single parent. I am a student at Rivne Rehabilitation Study Center. My favorite subjects are manual trades, painting and PE. In my free time I like to  paint and play active games. I like to help my father and would like to be an engineer when I grow up.  For now I am learning to help around the house by cooking. My most recent achievement was in cooking was to learned to fry potatoes.

Caseworker’s comment:

Davyd is independent, diligent, inquiring and patient person. The boy studies well and is a diligent student.  All three boys have a week immune system and often catch a cold. In order to improve their health, they need a better food. The father did repairs and worked with a flooring company when work was available. For a time he did not work now because he was looking after his sick children. He has no permanent work or career path. The family attends the church meetings, the father reads the Bible with his children.

There are several prayer requests: the father wants to find his place in the church, to find a constant job and that God may help find a mother for the children.

Sponsorship is very positive for the family. For example, the day before they received their last food package they ran out of all food at home. They had no money to buy anything, so, all the children were very thankful when the caseworker arrived with encouraging words and food for their next meals. Due to the war the cost of food has increased so the food packages have become more important to the growing boys in the house.

This family is learning that God is watching over them and provides them with what then need when they need it. Please pray for this father and his sons!