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September 7, 2017

Dear sponsor,

My name is Davyd. I am seven years old. I live in a beautiful town. The city is bordered on three sides by the Dniester River. We have wonderful, beautiful parks in the city that I like to visit and play in the playgrounds. I have an older brother, Oleh. He loves me very much and takes care of me. I am sincerely thankful to him for that. He’s my best friend, as he always protects me and supports me. Oleh loves playing football with me. When winter comes, we play snowballs. He tries his best to spend all of his spare time with me. In this way, he wants to replace my lack of the mother’s love. Oleh does well with that. On Christmas, I enjoy sledding and when there is summer break, my brother and I go swimming in the river. I am a first-grade student. I get to school on foot, and I spend most time of the day there studying. We study different subjects at school: reading, writing, and my favorite one – Art. At home, I eat everything my brother cooks for me. When I grow up, I dream of becoming an artist. I am sincerely thankful for your kind heart and for your desire to help us. I am looking forward to receiving your answer.



Caseworker Comments:

Davyd is a calm and composed boy who truly appreciates everything his older brother Oleh does for him. He’s scared that Oleh might be sent to the frontline. Despite his worries, Davyd is responsible for his age—he makes his bed, cleans up after meals, and sometimes sweeps the floor. He enjoys playing football with his friends and loves going to Christian summer camps through his church. He’s excited to go again this summer. Davyd also loves drawing and expressing his creativity.

Davyd’s life has been tough. His father is in prison, and his mother is neglectful, preferring to take care of herself instead of her children. She is unemployed and leads a reckless lifestyle, often leaving home for days without worrying about her kids. The Commission on Children’s Affairs visits sometimes, but they warn her beforehand, so she pretends to care for her children during those inspections.

Oleh, the older brother, has been taking care of Davyd and is determined to continue until Davyd grows up. He’s constantly hoping their mother’s lifestyle will improve. The war has made their situation worse. Oleh lost his job, and his part-time work isn’t enough. He fears being sent to the frontline, leaving Davyd alone.

Oleh graduated from college but hasn’t worked in his field. He used to work on a construction site but now stays home to avoid military conscription. He helps neighbors with their gardens and small repairs to earn some money. Oleh doesn’t drink or smoke and does his best to take care of Davyd. Their mother, however, does not contribute and maintains her careless lifestyle.

The boys are struggling significantly, often having nothing to eat. Oleh had to beg neighbors for help. Their house is in poor and awful condition, needing repairs like new door locks and floor restoration. The mother’s neglect and the poor living conditions create a tense family atmosphere. Oleh shoulders all the responsibilities, helping Davyd with homework and cooking for him, while their mother pretends to care. The family lives in a shared house that requires proper care, but the mother refuses to do the necessary chores. Oleh does what he can to maintain their home, but they need help to improve their living situation and meet their basic needs. Davyd and Oleh are in dire need of your support. Oleh has stepped into the role of a father for Davyd, and he does an incredible job at it. His dedication and love for his younger brother are truly inspiring. We kindly ask that you keep Oleh in your prayers, hoping he won’t be enlisted to go to war. This way, he can continue to provide the full care and support Davyd needs to thrive. Your prayers and support mean the world to them during this difficult time. Thank you for keeping this brave young man and his little brother in your thoughts and prayers.