Name:  Denys D

ID #:      RV 01382
Age:     7 years old 

Birth date:  August 21, 2014 
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

Denis is the child of a single parent. I am his mother, my name is Olena. I am 43 years old and have 5 children, Denis is the youngest.  Inna is 23 (works) , Andriy is 19 (student), Yuriy is 15 and Dmytrik is 13. The children are often ill and require medicine and treatment. The children have attended Hart Summer Camp.

Father of my children left the family 9 years ago because of another woman. He came back 8 years ago and promise to live with us and take care of us. The children were so happy to see their father. They love him and always waited for him to come home from work.  When I was pregnant with Denys he again abandoned us for that woman.  I am not divorced from him and I do not receive any financial support form the state. We get no financial support from their father.

I am a Christian, I go to church and I pray to God that He would change the heart of my husband. Every week we go to church service and the children go to Sunday School. On holidays the children take part in church service. They recite poems, and sing.

I have a small piece of land where we grow some vegetables. We live in an old house we have outdoor toilet and well for water. The house leaks from the indoor toilet and bath so they cannot use it. The house is often wet inside and it is . Due to the sole and moisture the children are often ill. The children wash in a washing tub with water we heat on wood burning stove.

Dear future sponsor, I would be grateful for your help.

May God bless and reward you 1000 time more than you have blessed us.

Denis’s mother,


Caseworkers Comments:

Denys grows up a restless boy, he is active and interested in everything in the house and outside. He loves to play with cars, Lego and puzzles. He helps to tend and feed the cat and dog.

Mother is a social worker, she takes care of seniors.  The older children often help her in the household’s of the seniors doing small chores.

The family and caseworker pray to God for their past and future sponsors.  This family are thankful for the love others have shown towards their family. They are part of a health community and the older children are working towards self sufficiency and to be a blessing to others.