Name:  Denys N

ID #: KV 01012
Age:  5

Birth date: December 3, 2015  
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast

**SPECIAL NEEDS** Disabled   Sponsorship $35 + Medical Support $35 = $70 Monthly

Dear future sponsor.  Thank you for reading my story and getting to know me. My past sponsor was wonderful but not able to continue to sponsor me. I know you are wonderful and you could be my future sponsor.

We sincerely thank the Hart Child Sponsorship Program for all your care and support towards our little Denys and all of his family. We are still living in a rental apartment. Denys’s
father is going to work in Poland from time to time to help the family. But work is not regular, sometimes we do not have good money to live on. There are two disabled children in the family, so they need constant medical examinations, rehabilitations and treatments. Denys has some surgeries planned already. His mother is very grateful for those support from the project and local church, because it makes their domestic living much easier. Denys’s mother is working a little now, and this provides an additional source of income for the family. Denys has entered the day-care this year. He is fitting in well among the rest of the children. However, the day-care has been on quarantine for a long period of time this year, unfortunately. This is why he has spent more time at home with his sister.

Denys has greyish blue eyes. He helps at home by setting toys in their place. He likes helping father with cleaning and passes the tools when fixing tings. Denys likes playing with cars, doing puzzles and going for walks. Together as a family we like to have a picnic and walk in the park. There are many interesting things in the community but most of all he likes the forest, lakes, park and playground close to our home. There are many things to do in the community – Festivals and concerts.

Denys wants to be a teacher or a fireman when he grows up

Caseworker Comments:

Denys has started speaking a lot and he can make sentences. He has had several more surgeries this year and now he can hold things with his fingers. He was born with a number of physical and mental delays and disabilities.   Denys likes spending time with his father when he is at home. The father went to Poland for work in the past. When he is away the family misses him but they now are missing out on his salary when he cannot travel our of Ukraine. The family still rents an apartment. Denys`s mother in the past make hairpins to sell. Denys and his  mother (Valeriya) go to art studio for disabled children at church where they can hear God`s word and they also attend a home church.

This is a special family who still have a long road ahead with both Denys and his sister needing medical care and family support for their disabilities. The family trusts that God has a plan for them and are happy to have a good church with programs that the children enjoy. Sponsorship will provide them with food packages and the Medical Support with help them to continue to care for Denys and his basic needs and treatments.  What a joy to know this boy is living a happy childhood and that you can see him grow and change for a number of years.

Please consider sponsoring a Special Needs – disabled child.