Name:  Diana

ID #:     TZ 01210
Age:    6 years old 

Birth date:  March 26, 2015 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Zalischyky Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

I have wonderful parents and 5 brothers and sisters. My parent care for all of us. I play with my sister Oksana and like dolls and toys. Together with my siblings we often run after one another in the yard, play and make up games.

I have not been able to attend kindergarten so I play with the other children who are also a home. I like walking and doing exercises.

My mother worries about me. She does not want me to be hungry. She cooks delicious Ukrainian borsch, boiled and friend potatoes and varenyky. When Christmas comes we have a festive table and we celebrate together. We enjoy varenyky, cabbage rolls and pampushki.

The love of my parents is the only thing that I need. When I grow up I dream that I will become as strong as my parents.   I thank you that you have a desire to help me and my family.

With Love Diana.


Caseworker Comments:

Diana has become more obedient, fun and playful. She is active, friendly and is not afraid of new people. Diana is the youngest in this family who have 6 children. One of the children is disabled.

The father does not have an official or full time job. This causes everyone stress as they have no finance to manage the monthly budget. They are often not able to play the utilities and the medicine needed for their disabled child.  Often they must reduce the amount of food they purchase to manage.  Often the father help his wife take care of the children, which is a big help. It is difficult for the mother to lift and move the disable child who cannot walk.  She also need to be mindful of the other children’s activities.

All the children have friendly relationships with each other and do many things together.

They live in a house that needs repair of walls, doors and windows. They do not have enough furniture for everyone to sit or sleep.

This loving family is large and the children need good care and nutrition to grow, play, and learn. You help can help them thrive thru your monetary encouragement and words of kindness.