Name: Diana
ID #: UKR-RL-01360
Age: 7

Birth date: October 2, 2011
Country: Ukraine
Community: (RL) Lviv

My name is Diana and I am 7 years old. I live in the center of L’viv together with my grandmother, because there is no father at the moment. Mother does not live with us. I live together with two more sisters, younger Victoriya who is 5 years old and older Karina who is 17. I love to play with them and to help my grandmother to clean up. I have many friends in the kindergarten, where I like to play different games with them: with a ball, with a jumping rope and on a swing. When winter and Christmas time approaches, I like to walk around the center of the city. I love the dumplings my grandmother cooks, also fruits, tangerines, oranges and cookies. On a daily basis I like pasta, pilaf, potatoes, cabbage rolls, soup, but ice cream I like most of all. I like to play with my friends and to ride on the swing in my free time. 

Caseworker’s comments

Diana has two sisters: Karina (2002) and Viktoria (2013). In September, Diana will go to 3rd grade. The kids ask about the war and the family prays for peace. It has also become financially difficult for the family. There haven’t been any changes in the family’s life. Diana’s health is good. Sometimes she gets colds. Diana loves to read the Bible. She also prays and goes to church. Over the past year, Diana has grown and become more independent than before. She helps her grandma with housework. The grandmother is the girl’s guardian. Diana also likes to sing and pray. She would like to know some things about her sponsors: how is their health? Do they have a family? Where have they traveled? What do they love? What are their interests? Do they plan to come to Ukraine?