Name:  Egor 

ID #:     MOL BW 01080
Age:     10 years old 

Birth date:  February 24, 2011
Country: Moldova
Community:  Baltsi region 

Dear Sponsor!

I am in grade four. I am an only child so I get to spend time with my parents. My mother works in a sewing factory and father takes orders for wood carving.

I attend church with my mother and for church holidays I recite verses and poems. I am getting to know God personally.

I love to help my mother with shopping and things around the house.


Case-worker comments:

Egor has grown up over the past  2 years. He plays the accordion, goes to music school and enjoys wood carving that he has learnt from his father.  Father does not have good health.  Egor had problems with this tonsils when younger. Mother is healthy.

Egor and mother attend both Romanian and English classes.

The living conditions of the family are safe. They live in a two room apartment.

Know that sponsorship is helping this family to survive poverty as their work does not provide enough money for bills and food.

Pray for the father since he left the family in 2021.