Name:      Emiliia P 

ID #:         TK01060
Age:         3 Years

Birthdate:       April 26, 2019 
Country:         Ukraine
Community:   Kremenets Oblast

Dear Sponsor!

It is the mother of many children writing to you. My name is Vira Pashtolianska. We are from Kremenets, Ukraine. The name of the town where we live derives from the word “kremin” (Eng. “flint”). There is a lot of flint in our mountains. Let me tell you a bit about our family. I am 34 years old; my husband is 37 years old. We have five children: Denys (16 years old), Dmytro (14 years old), Victor (9 years old), Yanochka (7 years old), and Emiliia (4 years old). I bring up my children to be Christians. I am writing this letter on behalf of my daughter Emillia, who was born on 26th April 2019. She is a little child, so she doesn’t go to school. She is active and well-developed physically and intellectually. She is shy among other children. She is also very sensitive and doesn’t like being offended by other children. My husband and I try hard to pay enough attention to our children and to make their life better. We ask the Lord to take care of them all the time. My husband works at the car repair shop, but there is war in our country and people are becoming poor and even don’t think of such a luxury as a car. Denys is studying at vocational school to become a car mechanic. Dmytro is in the eighth grade, and he is interested in arm wrestling, so he does push-ups and exercises at home. Victor is a fourth-grade student, he learns to play the violin at music school. Daughter Yana is a second-grade student, and she learns to play the piano. Emiliia trusts only close people, so she gets along with her neighbor whose name is Elizaveta. They go for walks, draw, and learn the letters together. On Christmas, our family visits my parents, as my husband`s mother passed away and his father left them when he was young. Our children also sing in the choir and recite poems on Christmas, and our older son sings carols. In summer we always go on an outdoor holiday for three days, where my husband teaches our sons to fish, and our daughters cook tasty fish soup. Emiliia likes drawing flowers and playing with her brothers. She also diligently takes a pen in her arm and tries to write something to be like her sister. Emiliia likes to comb her mother’s and sister’s hair. She even used to fall asleep only with her my hair in her hand instead of a dummy. She likes cooking dumplings with me. Her favorite dish is jelly. Emiliia also likes playing with her cat. She asks me to read the Bible for her and sing songs about Jesus every evening. I think she will become a cool hairdresser one day as she seems to be really interested in hair. Our family will pray for you, dear Sponsor, and we would like to communicate with you. Thank you for your time and choosing to help our family. May the Lord give you a hundredfold for your kindness. We want to go to church with all our family – it is our little dream. We also dream of buying land to grow raspberries and strawberries.


Caseworker`s comments 2023

Emiliia is active and well-developed both physically and intellectually. She is also sensitive to the problems of other people, and she is a caring sister. She always likes to share a bun with her sister and loves hugging her. Another interesting thing about Emiliia is that she likes to comb and dry her mother`s and sister`s hair. She also enjoys writing and drawing. There are seven people in this family: parents and five children. The parents make sure that their children treat each other well, as well as help each other. They also try to spend as much time as possible with their kids and tell them about Jesus Christ and that He will come soon. The children pray and read the Bible and fiction books with their parents before going to bed. Each child has household chores. The father works as a car mechanic. He tries hard to improve the financial state of the family, so he is often late at work – his income depends on how much work he does. This is a low-income family but it`s difficult for them to apply for social allowance because both parents must be officially employed. They live in a two-room house. All five children share one room, so there is little space for each of them. The parents` dream is that their sons and daughters have separate rooms. The roof of their house leaks and the floor is in poor condition. Emiliia and her family really needs your support which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will also open their hearts to the Word of God. How great it will be when Emiliia knows that you are her sponsor.