Name:  Ester 

ID #:     RL01510
Age:     9 in May 

Birth date:  May 27, 2013
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast 

**SPECIAL NEEDS**   Skin and tissue disease       Sponsorship $35 + Medical Support $35 = $70 Monthly

Dear Sponsor,

This is my letter, from which you can find out something about me and what I like to do. My name is Ester. I’m 8 and I’ve got a brother Zakhar, he’s 7. My family lives in Vynnyky, Western Ukraine. My father is a power engineer and he works in the factory. Father is going to Christian Seminary to learn more about his work as a pastor.  My mother Maria isn’t working now because she’s taking care of my brother and me. I like playing with Lego and board games. I often play chess with my father or brother. I go to school. I’m in the third grade. It takes me 10 minutes to get there. I study well, and I especially like English and math. During the break, I like hanging out with my friend Anna. In my free from school time, I learn English with my tutor and do gymnastics. I like doing gymnastics and I have even achieved some success.

When I grow up, I want to become an English teacher to teach kids.

My family goes to church every Sunday. My brother and I attend Sunday school. I take part in a stage play or recite poetry on some great holidays in church. I like learning Bible verses, too. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I have winter holidays at school, so I can play with snowballs and go sledding. I get some presents for Christmas at church. But summer is the best because the holidays are the longest then. I can go to my grandparents’ to the countryside to have a rest there or help them in the garden.

Dear sponsor, I’ll wait for your letter to get to know you and what you like to do. Thank you for your compassionate heart and your willingness to help my family and me.

Sincerely yours,


Caseworker`s comments 2022

Ester is very responsible, independent, sympathetic and diligent. She does well at school and she is good at singing and English. Ester is also humble and finds the common language with her peers. She always helps her brother and stands up for him. Love and harmony reign in this family. Ester`s father preaches in the local church and soon will finish Bible Seminary. His kids take very active part at church: they attend Sunday school, sing in a children`s choir, and go to drama lessons at church. Mother does not work: she looks after her kids, especially Ester who is undergoing medical treatment.

In 2019, Ester was diagnosed with scleroderma, although she had been treated for another disease because of the wrong diagnosis. Because of that, scleroderma progressed and caused hardening and tightening of skin and connective tissues. Large white spots appeared on her body, so she was in the hospital for three months, where she went through chemotherapy, took antibiotics, etc. She is still undergoing medical treatment. The disease affects skin and muscles, especially in her face.

Praise God that it has not affected internal organs.

When the spots on her body disappear, they look like skin burns and you have to put ointment on them regularly. Ester looks thin, which is the result of numerous injections and antibiotics. The family lives on Father`s income, which is only enough to buy food and pay the bills. Ester`s medical treatment is costly. Mother used to have a job but after Ester fell ill, she had to quit it and start looking after her daughter. Ester goes through medical treatment in the hospital every 3-6 months.  It is unknown how long this medical treatment will take.

They live in a one-room apartment in the dormitory. The apartment is very small. The living conditions are safe.

Seeking compassionated hearted person who can support Ester, her family and additional medical needs due to her many treatments and medications.  Her father is an engineer and may be required to remain at his job but things are changing every day in Ukraine and he may be required to act as pastor or join the army.  Providing food and medicine to this family will have long term benefits as you see Ester grow stronger and grow older.