Name:  Halyna
ID #: UKR-HS-01040
Age: 13

Birth date: March 17, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Herson (HS)

Church of Hope and Pastor Eugeniy Taran  and his wife Luda are happy that the Hart Child Sponsorship is being offered to the children and families in and around Herson.

Hello, dear sponsor!

Hello, dear sponsor!
My name is Halyna and I am 13 years old. I live in the village of Novotroyitske. My father does not have a job and my mother is on maternity leave. I have a younger sister whose name is Daryna. She is two years old. Daryna is very interesting and active, so she needs constant attention. I also have two best friends with whom I spend most of my time. We have common interests and hobbies. We also like riding a bicycle. Christmas and my birthday are my favorite holidays because I have an interesting time with family and a lot of fun. I am in the eighth grade and get to school on foot. It takes me 10 minutes to get to school. What I like about school is that there I have peers who are interesting to communicate with. My favorite subject is Ukrainian. I like holidays most of all because I can help my parents look after my younger sister. My mother and I cook different meals and bake cakes on holidays. My favorite meal is Olivier salad. I spend my free time with my sister. I want to be a teacher at kindergarten when I grow up.

I will be very grateful if you write me a letter.

There are not many people who care about other families nowadays.

Thank you very much!

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Halyna is a healthy, cheerful and energetic girl. She is friendly and always smiles. Halyna also likes doing sports and communicating with her peers. The relationships within the family are good. The kids are brought up in the atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding. Halyna always finds the time for her younger sister. The kids are taken care of properly and they always look neat. The family lives on a child benefit. Halyna’s father cannot work because he has a chronic disease which has been caused by tuberculosis. The mother has been laid off because of the liquidation of the company she worked for. The family lives in their own house which needs to be repaired. They use firewood to heat the house. The living conditions of the family are simple but they manage.

God has brought this family to Church of Hope for physical and spiritual food.

The church community and caseworker will provide the children and parents with support and encouragement.