Name:  Hryhorii 

ID #:     KI 01380
Age:     7 years old 

Birth date:  January 7, 2014  
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Kyiv Oblast


My name is Hryhorii. I’m seven. I live near in a city near Kyiv. My mother works at the restaurant as a dishwasher. I don’t have a father: he died of a severe illness. Grandmother grows flowers and sells them for extra income. Also, I have two brothers and two sisters. The brother likes music, and my sister likes drawing. My best friend is Platon. We are classmates, help each other, and never fight. We play hide-and-seek and catch, and build Lego. For Christmas, I dress up, go caroling, light the candles, and have dinner with my family. On holidays, I spend a lot of time outdoors, play with my brothers and sisters, read books, and draw. I am a the first grade student. I go to school by bus and spend four hours there daily. I like to study and don’t like when someone insults me. At school, I learn Math, Reading, English, and Arts. My favorite subjects are Math and Psychical Education. I enjoy eating potatos and cereals. At home, I eat borscht and other soups, varenyky with cabbage and cereals. For special events, we bake a special holiday pie. As for my free time, I like drawing.

I want to become a policeman, when I grow up.

I want to wish my future Sponsor good health and strong faith in God! I’m very grateful to my Sponsor for helping me and my family!!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Hryhorii is a calm, peaceful, friendly, responsible, hard-working, active, and sociable boy who loves animals. He is the fourth child in his large family. When he was five, his father died of skin cancer, so the family was left without a breadwinner. Hryhorii`s mother is very calm and kind, so his grandma, who is quite energetic at the age of 75, took the initiative: she disciplines her grandchildren and motivates them to study. She is an Orthodox Christian, so she didn`t want to communicate with evangelical Christians for a long time, but God opened the door for a Hart`s case-worker through her grandson Bohdan. The kids have already visited Hart Summer Christian Camps where they heard the word of God. The family members get along  well with each other. The kids obey their mother and grandma, help them do the housework, work in the garden, and look after chickens. The kids are also neat and do well at school. As for the financial situation in the family, the mother works as a dishwasher, but her low salary is hardly enough to provide for the family. The grandma receives a low pension, and the kids get allowance for the loss of the breadwinner. Also, the grandma grows flowers in summer and tries to sell them to earn some more money for the family. Bohdan tries to do odd jobs in the summer. Hryhorii, his mother, grandma and siblings live in an old three-room house. The living conditions are quite modest.

Hryhorii has other siblings and they would like to support their mother and grandmother one day. They appreciate all of the sacrifice and loss their mother has had in what should be the prime of her life.  The caseworker, summer camp leaders and local church have helped to make this family feel welcome. Do you want to welcome them into your life by becoming a sponsor?