Name:  Ilariya 

ID #: LG 01210
Age:  9 years old 

Birth date: November 26, 2011 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast

Hello dear sponsor,

My name is Ilariya and I am nine years old. I am in the third grade and come from a large family that consists of my parents, eight boys and six girls. There are fourteen children in my family: three older children are university students, seven children go to school and the other four little children stay at home.  Ilariy looks forward to the day she can help more around the house . She would like to follow in her siblings footsteps and one day go to University.

Thank you very much for your willingness to help my family. God bless you!  

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Ilariya is a cheerful and active girl. She likes riding a bicycle and rollerblading.

Ilariya also takes a very responsible attitude towards school and doing the housework. She finds it easy to learn things at school and does everything with pleasure.

The members of this family are believers. They attend church meetings every Sunday and Bible study groups, pray a lot and read the Bible together every day.

The family is friendly to everyone they meet. They help and support each other. The older children help parents take care of the household and younger children. The teenagers cook food and do the cleaning together. When there is an opportunity, the whole family has a rest in the fresh air. They all are very accepting and sociable.

Bible study groups are often organized in their house. The father is the only breadwinner in the family. He works as an equipment operator for the energy company “Lutskteplo.” The mother is on maternity leave. Because the family is large, they get a small state benefit for the family. The mother also receives a child benefit and disability allowance – a year ago she had a stomach removal surgery; she had four rounds of  chemotherapy prior to the surgery.

They older kids receive a scholarship which is enough only to cover expenses to travel to and from school. This family would like to break the cycle of poverty and are starting by encouraging the children to get a good education and careers in a field that they enjoy and will give them a fair wage.

The family lives in a house which they share with the father`s brother and his family. The living conditions are good.

Ilariya and her large family need your support. They are all working together and all love the Lord.  God has blessed the children with the desire to work hard at school and to become successful members of Ukraine society.  God has open a way for you to help Ilariya  and get to know her large family and her extended family (Uncle)  thru the Hart Child Sponsorship Program.  A monthly food package will not go far with 14 children but it will supplement the meals  that they share together.