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ID #:
September 24, 2012

Dear sponsor,

My name is Ilona, and I am 10 years old. I live in a village. My dad’s name is Andrii and my mother’s name is Ruslana. My mom doesn’t have a job at the moment. I have an older sister Mariana who likes drawing and helps Mum with household chores. My best friend is Karina. She lives nearby, so we often play games together. Our favorite game is hide and seek. At Christmas, I go to church with my grandma. There I can hear very nice carols and songs about God. On the summer holidays, I go swimming to the lake, play with my friends, and help my mom. I am in the 5th grade and get to school and then back home on the school bus. My classes start at 9 am and finish at 2 pm. What I like about school is that I have a lot of friends. What I don’t like about school is that I have too many classes every day. When I grow up and finish school, I want to become a cook and confectioner. Thank you so much for helping my family and me in advance. May God richly bless you!


Caseworker’s Comments:

Ilona consistently upholds honesty and firmness while maintaining a pleasant demeanor that makes her easy to be around. However, her intellectual progress lags behind her age group; she only learned to read syllables in the fourth grade and is concluding the fifth grade with limited knowledge. The lack of emphasis on education and upbringing by her parents has contributed to this situation.

Engaging in household chores and assisting in the garden, Ilona actively supports her family. Despite enjoying running and playing with friends and attending Christian camps, her family faces dysfunction due to alcohol abuse by her mother, father, and grandmother. The strained family relationships result in inadequate care for the children, evident in recurrent head lice issues. Ilona’s older sister, often cared for by her aunt, reveals the stark contrast in hygiene between the siblings.

Living in a house owned by their grandmother, the family endures horrid and awful living conditions with an outside bathroom and limited access to water, sourced from a well. Although the house and yard remain tidy, the family struggles due to extreme poverty. The father, unofficially employed, receives alcohol as payment for occasional work and her mother is currently unemployed. Despite the grandmother’s pension covering utilities and occasional necessities, the family’s circumstances remain challenging.

In desperate need of support, HART will offer an opportunity for these children to receive essential food support in their difficult and impoverished life circumstances.