Name:  Iryna 

ID #: LS 01014
Age:   15 years old 

Birth date: February 11, 2006 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor to age 18.

Dear Sponsor, I go by the nickname Ira. I live with my mom and dad.  I have brothers Yarko and Vldik and sisters Rosya, Boxhena and Daryna.  Older sister Nastya has been married a long time and lives in a home with her family. I have friends, classmates and neighbors, but my best friend is my mom.  I can tell her everything and she understands me.

At Christmas I go to church with my mom. At home we sing carols and ate many sweets. In the summer, my dad and I go swimming in the river. When I grow up I want to be like my mom; knowing how to do everything.

Please, write me a letter. I would like to see you and know where you live. what you do, and what you like. I will be happy to answer your letter.


Case-worker comments:

Iryna is a very sensitive child and she cried easily.  She has had problems with her speech and is a slow learner. She needs lots of attention and love.

Lra’s mother really cares for her children.  Father has had a hard time finding permanent employment. He often only has seasonal jobs. He has a hard time providing for his family.  Because of this, he is reserved and passive. He avoids solving  important family issues. That is why their are frequent arguments in the family. The family lives in a two room apartment.

The food packages will provide food in the seasons when the father has no work.  Sponsorship is showing this family that they are cared for when they cannot always provide for themselves.