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January 19, 2015

Dear sponsor,

My name’s Ivanka, I’m 9. I am in grade 3. I live with my mom and two brothers: Artem and Andriy. My mother isn’t working at the moment, as she’s looking after my brother, who is autistic and has a disability. I try my best to help her with everything when I come back from school. It’s located quite far away from where I live, but I go there on foot together with my neighbor, who is my best friend. I also spend a lot of time with her. We like to sing, dance, draw or make accessories from beads, However, the most appealing activity for me is going for a walk in the woods. We celebrate Christmas firstly all together at home, and then we visit our neighbors. My favorite dish is mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes, but we don’t eat it very often. Mom doesn’t have money to buy different delicacies for us. I dream of becoming a primary school teacher, but mom says it’s very difficult. Thank you for helping my family.

Wishing you God’s blessing in everything.


Caseworker’s Comments:

Ivanna embodies the essence of serenity and joy, a radiant girl whose love for her family knows no bounds. She is the gentle hand that assists her mother in the arduous task of maintaining their dilapidated home, all while tenderly caring for her ailing brother. Her days are filled with simple pleasures – the stroke of a pencil against paper as she brings her imagination to life, the laughter that fills the air as she plays with her cherished dolls, and the leisurely strolls she enjoys with her circle of friends.

Yet, behind this facade of tranquility lies a family grappling with adversity on multiple difficulties. Financial hardships weigh heavily upon the family, exacerbated by the sporadic and inadequate support from governmental assistance. Despite its lack, this aid is a lifeline, allowing this family to secure the bare necessities to sustain themselves.

In the midst of this turmoil, Ivanka’s mother, Svitlana, shoulders the immense burden of caring for her family, her children, in the chaos of her own mental struggles. The identity of Ivanka’s fathers remains a mystery, a testament to the complexities of their family dynamics. Meanwhile, Ivanka’s brother’s autism demands unwavering attention, leaving the family all bound together in a web of responsibility and love. Their horrific house stands as a testament to their enduring hardships. Its dilapidated state mirrors the fragility of their existence – the decaying floors, the absence of a proper kitchen, and the crude arrangement of necessities within a single room. A basic necessity like water is a distant luxury, drawn from a shallow well in their yard. Their home, weathered by time and neglect, cries out for repair and rejuvenation. The wiring, the floors, the walls – all must undergo a transformation to breathe life back into their home. Basic amenities like a bathroom and a toilet remain distant dreams, while the need for a consistent water supply looms large.

In the face of such adversity, the welfare of the children remains paramount. They require not just medical attention, but also the simple comforts of life – nourishing food, warm clothes, and a cozy bed to rest their weary heads. The urgency of our situation cannot be overstated; every act of kindness, every offering of aid, brings us one step closer to a life of dignity and hope. Ivanka and her family are in urgent need of your support. No child should have to experience this level of poverty.