ID #:
July 7, 2016

*This child requires regular sponsorship ($45) and medical sponsorship ($45) = $90 per month

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Viktoriia and I am a mother of two children. My son Artem (8) was born on March 31, 2015 and he is a second-grade student. My daughter Ivanna (7) was born on July 7, 2016. I am really worried about my disabled daughter Ivanna. She was diagnosed with a hernia on the spinal cord and at birth, she had hydrocephalus and was operated on at the age of two months (she has a shunt). Ivanna also has strabismus in both eyes. She has no sensation from the pelvis to the legs so she cannot stand on her legs and always wears diapers. I thank God that she is not mentally challenged, so she can discover the world around her well. She loves her brother and plays with him. Ivanna also likes watching cartoons and drawing (when she feels inspired). Ivanna needs constant care, so I cannot work. I receive a state aid for my disabled child. Of course, it’s not a lot and it`s not enough to pay for all of the treatment for Ivanna.

Dear Sponsor, I do hope that you will help me with raising my daughter, as almost all of our income is usually spent on the rent and medical treatment for Ivanna. We will be praying for the Lord to open your heart to our daughter and her needs.

Ivanna’s mother, Viktoriia

Caseworker’s comments:

Ivanna, despite her health challenges, is growing and developing intellectually. She possesses a curious nature and enjoys learning new things. Watching cartoons, singing songs, and drawing bring her joy. Ivanna makes an effort to support and comfort her mother, showcasing her loving and caring nature. Her parents are deeply devoted to their children. Her father works as a loader, while her mother is unemployed to provide constant care for Ivanna. Due to her condition, Ivanna experiences limited mobility and underdeveloped legs, requiring constant use of diapers. The entire family shares a deep love for Ivanna. She exudes joy and finds happiness in singing songs and listening to stories. Her brother, Artem, plays with her, assists her when needed, reads to her, and accompanies her on walks when their mother places her in a stroller. Their mother devotes significant attention to her children’s well-being. The family also has pets—a rabbit and a cat—that aid in the development of Ivanna’s sensory skills. Ivanna undergoes annual medical examinations and recently stayed in the hospital due to pyelonephritis. When she turns seven, she will undergo joint surgery. The children have their own Bible with pictures, and their mother reads it to them. Artem, in addition to being a second-grade student, provides substantial assistance to his mother. His sense of responsibility and caring nature often make him seem more mature than his peers. Ivanna’s father shares a deep love for his daughter.

Financially, the family faces significant challenges. The father’s salary is meager, and the mother cannot work due to her constant care for Ivanna. They receive a state aid for their disabled child. Living in a rented apartment, a significant portion of their aid is allocated to monthly rent. The remaining funds from their modest budget are typically spent on Ivanna’s medical treatments, including diapers, medications, and massage therapies. Additionally, Artem requires school supplies, clothing, and money for meals at school. On some days, the family’s diet is limited to bread. They reside in a one-room apartment, experiencing frequent blackouts due to the war, and the elevator does not function. This makes it challenging for the mother to take Ivanna out for walks, resulting in extended periods spent at home. When air-raid sirens sound, the mother must carry Ivanna out of the apartment. Overall, the family’s living conditions are safe but challenging. Ivanna and her family are in great need of support. Your assistance would provide them with much-needed relief and demonstrate the love and care of others. It would also enable them to meet Ivanna’s medical and daily needs more effectively.