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ID #:
November 9, 2016

Dear sponsor,

My name is Karina, and I am seven years old. I live in a city. My mother is temporarily out of work, as she’s taking care of me. I am the only child in our family. My father doesn’t live with us. My best friend is my cousin Artem. He always makes me laugh and plays hide and seek with me. I am a second-grade student. I enjoy studying so much. I get to school on foot and spend five hours there every day. We have the following subjects there: Informatics, Math, Reading, PE, etc. I love it when we have summer break, as during that time I always go for walks and play with my friends a lot. When I have spare time, I do some sports and draw a lot. I dream of becoming a policewoman. Christmas is my favorite holiday. We always go to church that day, and then we have a nice dinner together. I like eating borsch, meat dumplings, and pasta. My favorite dish is meat dumplings. Dear Sponsor, I am sincerely thankful for your desire to help me and my family. Thank you very much for your kind heart. I wish you God’s blessings, peace, and welfare. I would be very happy if you could also write me a letter for us to get to know each other better.

Caseworker’s Comments:

Karina is a cheerful and outgoing child who loves to express herself. She is friendly and attentive to others. She has a wonderful relationship with her mother and loves to help out around the house by taking out the trash, folding her clothes, and dusting. Her mother encourages her to stay active, and Karina enjoys doing gymnastics and other exercises at home. She loves attending Sunday School, where she learns about the Bible and shares what she learns with her friends. Karina excels in school, especially in reading, physical education, and computer classes.

Karina lives with her mother and grandmother in a small, clean house. Her mother, Nataliia, works hard to provide for her despite financial struggles. The family cannot afford to add a bathroom to the main building, and the outdoor shower is a health risk for Karina. They wanted to sell the house for better accommodation, but the offers were too low.

Before getting married, Nataliia worked in Poland, where she met Karina’s father. Their marriage faced many difficulties, and Nataliia suffered abuse. When she got pregnant, she hoped things would improve, but they didn’t. When Karina turned one, Nataliia managed to escape and return to her mother’s house. Nataliia had to quit her job to take care of Karina, as the school is far, and she needs to be picked up and helped with homework.

Nataliia is always looking for part-time work to provide for Karina, but her schedule makes it difficult. The grandmother works abroad to help support them. Karina’s father is not in contact and does not provide any financial support.

Nataliia and Karina share a warm and loving relationship. Nataliia sacrifices a lot to ensure Karina is well cared for. The house is tidy, but the heating system is poor, making it very cold in winter. They need to add a bathroom indoors, as the current outdoor shower and toilet are not practical, especially in winter.

Your support would greatly improve their living conditions and help Nataliia provide a better future for Karina.