Name:  Karina

ID #:     GR01730
Age:     6 years old  

Birth date:  November 21, 2015
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Zinaida Ostra 

Dear sponsor!

Karina mother is writing a letter to you. Karina attends daycare and she is a very kind, active and cheerful child. She enjoys drawing, singing and putting puzzles together. My four kids and I are currently living in a rented apartment. My oldest son Maksym is 17 years old, another son Sasha is 12 years old, and my daughter Varvara is 7 years old. I divorced my sons` father (first husband) because he beat me severely. Because of that, I had my spleen removed and became disabled. My daughters` father (second husband) abused alcohol, so I divorced him too. Neither of the fathers helps their kids. I am temporarily working as a cashier, so if you are willing and able to help us, I and my children will be grateful to you.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Karina is an active girl who likes playing with her dolls and tries to help her mother with everything. Her mother raises four kids alone. Two kids are from the first marriage and another two are from the second one. Speaking about the first marriage, the mother suffered from domestic violence. Her first husband abused alcohol and beat her. After one of the beatings, the mother was internally injured so had her spleen removed and became disabled. As for the second marriage, her second husband too abused alcohol and beat her, and she called the police many times. She also divorced him as it was better to struggle as a single mother than to have him remain and hurt her physically and mentally. Financially speaking, the situation is difficult. The mother works as a janitor but she is currently on sick leave and is doing other temporary work that is not so physical. Her salary is very small and it is hardly enough to cover the expenses of the family. Her oldest son Maksym goes to vocational school and money is spent on books and other needs of a student. Karina and her family live in a rented one-room apartment.

The oldest son is in vocational school and the youngest son is in day care so this family has opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.  Thru education children can gain self esteem and find gainful employment in the future. Mother needs to rebuild her trust and hope. You can provide hope and have a relationship with this family if you sponsor Karina.