Name:  Kseniya

ID #: UKR-LC – 01520
Age:  13 years old 

Birth date: November 24, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv 

Dear sponsor,

My name is Kseniya and I am 13 years old. I live in Lviv. My father does not live with me. My mother works as a sales manager but due to certain changes at her work, she is going to be laid off soon. My brother`s name is Artsa and he is 17 years old. He has been doing freestyle wrestling for 13 years. My best friend is Dasha and she is 15 years old. We got acquainted at a social center 2 years ago. I feel happy and comfortable with her. We don`t usually play games and when we go for a walk, we just talk. I also have a best friend Illya who I got acquainted with 5 years ago.

At Christmas, I attend Transfiguration Church in the morning and I go and sing Christmas carols with the church youth in the evening. During the summer holidays, I often go to the lake, walk a lot and attend Hart Summer Camp. I am in the 7th grade and I go to school on foot because it is nearby. I spend about 6 hours at school. What I like about school is that I have precious joyful moments with my friends. I don`t like that it is noisy there. At school, I learn the things that will help me enter college in the future. My favorite subject is PE.

I like to eat pizza and sushi. At home, I usually eat soups. In my free time, I like to walk and watch TV shows.

I want to be an actress when I grow up.

I want to wish you to always be with God and love Him! Thank you very much for helping my family and me in advance.

I would really love to receive a letter from you! Could you please tell me about your life and family?


Case-worker`s comments 2021

Kseniya is artistic and loves theatre. She is also kind, sensitive, emotional, and sympathetic, and she can take offense easily but it doesn`t last long. Kseniya likes to make presents and look after little children. The family lives on the mother`s income. The kids love and obey their mother. When Kseniya`s mother was single, she attended an evangelical church. Later she visited her mother in Russia, was introduced to a man who she married.  She often quarreled with her husband over little things about their life.  For 20 years, she was thinking of how to return to Ukraine. They sold their apartment in Russia.  She and the children moved to Lviv, Ukraine, and bought a one-bedroom apartment.

Kseniya has attended Hart Summer Camp at the local church and since then she`s been attending day center (after-school programs and Sunday School) at that church. Her mother attended an event at church and felt that she was finely at home. Church and a relationship with Jesus was the relationship missing in her life. Since then she has been attending church meetings with her son Artsa and daughter Kseniya. They all repented and now they are attending baptism preparation lessons. They love and respect each other.

The mother has been laid off from her work as a sales manager. The family has never been self-sufficient and now it is going to be even harder to budget for each month. The family lives in a small old one-bedroom apartment. The living conditions are safe.

This family has been blessed to return to a supportive church family and home.  They are taking steps to be baptized. They know God loves and takes care of them.  They have opened a door for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can open a door of hope thru the sponsorship of Kseniya.  The monthly food packages will keep them fed with earthly food while the church provides spiritual food.  This mother has made good decisions for herself and her children.  Mother is the primary provider and cannot manage on her own.  Kseniya likes to care for little children. Would you consider caring for her and her family at this time of need?