Name: Ludmyla
ID #: UKR-RD-01012
Age: 4

Birth date: August 16, 2014
Country: Ukraine
Community: (RD) Dubrovytsia

My name is Ludmyla and I am 4. My family and I live in Dubrovytsia town. I have an older brother. His name is Matviy and he is my best friend. Matviy is a 1st-grade student and I always have fun with him. I love playing with my father. We do sports, ride a bicycle, play hide and seek and with lego. My friends and I play with dolls and toy dishes. I especially like my mother’s beauty products and braiding her hair. My favorite food is varenyky (pierogi) and stew and I help my mother cook these dishes. I also help my mother tidy the house because I am a little helper. I have some friends at day-care. I sing, dance, draw, perform on children’s holidays, and recite poems. I like holidays very much. My family decorates a Christmas tree with candies and colorful lights. At Christmas we attend church and sing carols. I want to be a mother when I grow up. I am always happy to make new friends.

Caseworker’s comments

Ludmyla is a calm, shy, friendly, and timid girl. She likes singing and doing jigsaw puzzles. Ludmyla enjoys walking with her mother more than with her peers. The relationships in this family are improving. Ludmyla’s father used to suffer from drug addiction and he has already gone through rehabilitation. He attends church meetings and tries to compensate for the time he lost. He brings up his kids, tries to read the Bible with them, and go for a walk. His wife doesn’t believe him yet but she hopes for the better. This family lives in a one-bedroom apartment. The money the father earns is hardly enough to pay apartment bills. The family situation is extremely difficult. Ludmyla’s father prays and believes that God will restore his life and his family. This family needs your support very much.