Name:  Maksym M

ID #: RR 01030
Age:  13

Birth date: October 16, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast

I am seeking a sponsor. Unfortunately my sponsor was not able to continue to care for me but I hope you would care for me thru sponsorship!

Dear Sponsor,

I live in a small village that is near a forest. I do not have a father because he died when I was 6.  I do have a step father and he is father to my little sister. I like playing with my brothers. My best friend is my cousin. We play soccer together and ride a bike. At Christmas I recited a poem in church. I  have a special school schedule, one day I go to school and the next day my teacher comes to my house and teaches me.  My favorite school subject is Music.  I like such sports as riding bike and playing with a ball. My favorite meal is meat dumplings. I eat everything my mother cooks. For holidays she prepares may tasty dishes and bakes a cake. In my free time I like going to the forest.  I help my mom to clean the house, carry groceries from the store and feed our pets.

I want to return to Hart Summer Camp because I met new friends. At camp we played games that helped us learn about God. I like Sunday School as we learn lots of interesting things. My favorite Bible story is about Joseph – how his brothers sold him and then he forgave them and rescued them from hunger.  I like that Jesus is kind and righteous.  I pray that Jesus gives good health to all of my family . I ask you to pray for well being of my family and for the absence of war in Ukraine.  May all people feel happy and healthy.

I dream about becoming a cook and doctor when I grow up. Doctor can help people to not be sick and cook will make sure there is always a good meal for everyone.

Dear Sponsor, I sincerely thank you for your desire to help those kids, who are in need of help.  Please write me a letter. I will be looking forward to it.

Caseworker Comments,

Maksym is a shy and calm boy. He and his family are very thankful for the food packages and caseworker visits. It is very important for this family as physical and social nourishment. Maksym has a special school program as it is hard for him to participate in a regular school program. Maksym suffers from “water on the brain” hydrocephalus. His health is getting better, but he is still under doctors’ supervision, takes medical and sometimes has special treatment. Step-father after his daughter was born went to visit his relatives, got sick. He has not been able to return to his home and family. The family is in a bad situation. Mother is alone to care for and feed the three boys and young daughter. The family is not able to finish renovations of a tiny, old house and found the winter very difficult. The boys go to Sunday services at church.

Please pray for strength and health from God for this family. This supportive mother is raising boys to be men and is doing it with out a father in the house. Making sure they have some food in the house is a great way to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus for this family.