Name:  Marharyta C

ID #: UKR-SZ-01140
Age: 15

Birth date: April 14, 2005
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Polissia (SZ) 

Dear Sponsor, I am 15 and live with a foster family. Would you like to be my sponsorship family?

In my Foster family I spend most of the time with my brother Ivan. I like looking after him and taking care of him. In my family I help my mother with household duties, clean the rooms. My parents and friends are the people who always help me. If I had a chance I would spend my day making interesting conversations with my family, sitting at the table and eating some delicious meals. My mood improves when I walk with my cat. I feel good when I am healthy and everyone is in a good mood. I feel safe with my friends and classmates. I feel calm and cosy everywhere When I am with my father, mother and brother. I prefer being in company of friends. I get offended when people say bad things about me and insult me. I feel sad when my friends and people who are the closest to me are not around.

Caseworker comments 2020: Marharyta has become more responsible and contributes to her self-worth by lookin g after her younger brother , Ivan. Being in the Hart Child Sponsorship Program gives Marharyta a sense of belonging and is of great importance to the family. She attends monthly Bible study meetings for child . It is an new opportunity to make friends. Marharyta love those meetings, she likes listening to the Bible stories and is usually very active during the discussions.

God knows you kind heart, and we thank you in advance for being part of Marharyta’s live.